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1.Create a simple web-site of your school.

  • Different page with hyper link so almost all liked pages will be displayed on the main page.
  • insert photo as your like and write about the photo.
  • Insert suitable table and write data.
  • Make New admission open from nursery to class 9 with marquee effect.

2. Browse the internet and collect photo of Mini, super, micro and mainframe computer and below the photo, fill up the following information of each computer by using word processing program.

  • Name of inventor
  • Date of invention
  • Function and purpose

3. In Ms. Word, Design a visiting card for your school computer teacher mentioning Name of your school, address, logo, motto, his name, mail id, contact number etc [use drawing toolbar to draw rectangle, text box, insert photo, logo of school etc]

4. A project work in qbasic ( you should be solved in Ms. word program and sent file only. 

a) Write a program to accept any 3 digit number from user and check whether it is an Armstrong number or not.

b) Write a program to display Fibonacci series 2,2,4,6,10,16,………,up to 10th terms.

c) Write a program to display the reverse word for any entered word by a user.

d) Write a program to convert the distance from kilometer to miles.

e) Write a program to enter any three numbers,sum and the average.
f) Write a program to input student’s name,marks obtained

g) Write a program to enter any number and find out whether it is even or odd using select case statement.

h) Write a program to enter any alphabet and find out whether it is vowel or alphabet.

Note: sent the above project work at the end of 16th Chaitra 2073 on following address:

[email protected] / [email protected]/ [email protected]

~Thank You~

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