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Bal Mandir Higher Secondary School (BMSS), formerly known as Bal Ratna Namuna Pathsala, came into existence in 2024 B.S. to provide parental care and basic education to needy and meritorious students coming from every walk of life. It is a non-profit motive government-run community-based institution dedicated to provide dynamic education that challenges  students’ mind, body, and spirit. The school has envisioned a world in which every students can pursue a life long gift of education to meet the challenges of global society.

Along with the glorious history of academic excellence in national level, the school has launched +2 programs in Science, Management, and Education. Apart from academic programs, we strongly encourage our students to take parts in various co-curricular activities. We are devoted to bring the dream of our students come true.


Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, to lead and to fulfill their potentialities in all spheres so that thy can take their place in this global village.


The school is located at the heart of Pokhara, a breath taking panoramic city gifted with stunning sights. It has occupied an area of 3708.8 sq. m. and is linked to a city with fine tarred motorable road.  The school environment suits for pleasing and creative learning

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